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Let’s get to work!

It’s time to stop wasting taxpayer dollars on policies and politics that are not focused on helping our state. 

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Platform Issues

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Good jobs lead to a good life.

I’ll fight to ensure your right to economic opportunities by building and growing businesses and developing our emerging workforce.

The best support I can give Montana’s economy is with common sense policies that effect the day-to-day life of Montanans. We must create economic opportunity utilizing the inherent hard-working ethics of Montanans. Our state is full of strong, responsible and driven citizens. I pledge to support Medicaid expansion, public infrastructure improvement projects, protecting public land access and fostering programs that create paths to individual entrepreneurship giving our Montana economy the tools we need to grow it.

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Public lands belong in public hands.

Access to public lands, lakes, and rivers for recreation and hunting is not only tradition, it’s a 7 billion dollar industry. That's why I'll fight to maintain our pristine public lands for our children and grandchildren.

Montana’s history and heritage are founded on our access to our public lands. Our lands provide food, jobs and have a strong connection to families across Montana. Recreation is a 7-billion-dollar industry in Montana; making it Montana’s number one industry and our public lands are its backbone. Policies protecting and maintaining our pristine public lands is vital to the Montanans who depend on these jobs. Many Montanans also utilize hunting on our public lands to put food on the table while also creating family traditions of hunting and harvesting this food. Every Montana family builds family bonds and legacy by getting out on our public trails, lakes, rivers, streams and wilderness. Future Montanan generations deserve access to our public lands and it is our duty to protect this access.

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We need to listen to the people within the schools.

I will fight to meet their needs. Our public schools are the heart of our communities and shape our future. 

Montanans deserve a first-rate education. This should begin in early childhood and I support Pre-K Education for all. Montana’s educational opportunities need to extend beyond the high school years, allowing people to build skills throughout life. I will support evidence-based policies that are student and teacher focused. We need to begin the process of creating and implementing a public option pre-K for all children. In the post high school or college years we must provide pathways for Montanans to transition from one career to the next if the need or desire arises. As we see increases in technology and automation within various industries, more and more Montanans need support transitioning to new careers. Montanans are hard-working, determined and gritty individuals who deserve dignity and support when they may find themselves in a job transition either by choice or necessity.  

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Medicaid expansion is good for Montana.

Medicaid expansion released hundreds of millions of dollars into our healthcare industry and created thousands of jobs while reducing the uninsured from 20% to 7%. I want to get it to 0%. I will fight to preserve access for the nearly 1 in 10 Montanans who depend on Medicaid.

Montanans can trust I am committed to every single Montanan having access to the top-notch healthcare we have in this great state.  Montana's medicaid expansion has reduced the uninsured in Montanan from 20% to 7% and I want to get it to 0%.  Over 92,000 children, seniors, pregnant women, mothers and fathers use Medicaid expansion to maintain their health. These are our neighbors and friends and I will fight to ensure they are able to keep their access to their healthcare. In the richest country in the history of the world this is the only acceptable approach. Medicaid expansion has been a tremendous job creator for Montanans. This expansion has allowed the Montanans it serves to get healthy and get employed. It has also released hundreds of millions of dollars of medical spending into Montana’s healthcare industry creating income and job opportunities that did not previously exist.


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Q: A slate of budget cuts were made in 2017 to address a $227 million shortfall caused by less than anticipated revenue and an expensive fire season. What should the priorities be in the state budget in the next legislative session?

A: The state budget is a direct reflection of our state’s priorities and values. I know from speaking to hundreds of House District 11 voters that what Montanans value most is their families’ future. I firmly believe funding public education and essential services are priorities. A good education vastly improves an individual’s likelihood of living a productive and fulfilling life and it’s good for people’s well-being, it saves money and creates new revenues. We all benefit from Montanans living productive lives, and we all share in the responsibility of maintaining a statewide framework that allows us all to do so.

Q: Do you support a sales tax or other tax increases as a way to shore up the budget and increase revenue?

A: I do not support a state sales tax. I’m in favor of eliminating unfair tax breaks that allow certain individuals and out-of-state corporations to avoid paying their fair share. I also think it is clear specific communities have benefited greatly from enacting a local option tax (resort tax). Local option taxes should be decided on by voters and allowed regardless of the population of the town/community.

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About JoBeth

JoBeth is a proud Montanan, having made Montana her home since 2005. She understands the pride and independence of Montanans, yet also believes Montana’s public servants should work hard to ensure the state has strong public institutions that benefit all Montanans.  Her work in real estate and her husband’s work as a health care provider underscore their commitment to serving the needs of others. Above all, she believes in real policies for real results for real solutions and improvements.

JoBeth graduated with a B.A. in History from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, in 1998. She has worked as a realtor for thirteen years, establishing connections throughout the Flathead Valley, and she has served the area through years of service on the Board of the Big Mountain Commercial Association, as a volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters-Flathead Valley, and as a member of the Parent-Teacher Fellowship at the Whitefish Christian Academy.  All these duties speak to her commitment to local businesses and the children of our community.

She and her husband along with their daughter are outdoor enthusiasts, enjoying skiing, hiking, camping, and spending time with their dog, Willie Nelson Blair.  They have traveled widely throughout the state. JoBeth recognizes that the natural wonders of Montana make it the “last best place” and she is committed to maintaining Montana’s public land accessible for Montanan’s and its visitors to hunt, fish, hike and explore.

JoBeth is committed to achieving meaningful results for you in Helena.  Her priority is to create a strong Montana economy for future generations.  The best support we can give Montana’s economy is common sense policies that continue Medicaid expansion, improve our public schools, and defend public land access and maintenance.  We must enact policies that efficiently and effectively translate into real economic benefits for the women, men, and families of Montana.  In short, JoBeth wants to work on legislation that will move from committee to a legislative vote to the governor’s desk, resulting in real, measurable improvements for you and your family.

Let’s talk.

I want to hear your concerns for Montana House District 11.


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